Thursday, 30 August 2012

Why blog about interiors?

Why not politics? Global warming? Something 'heavyweight'?

Well, I've certainly pondered why my interest isn't firmly rooted in more serious topics, but I've decided not to be too hard on myself. I get the feeling that some people think in writing a blog about interiors and food that I'm shallow and self-indulgent, so before I can go on and enjoy it, I just need to get this bit out of the way.

I have been thinking about why home and food are important to me and come to the conclusion that everyone has to find their own place in the world, whether it be in the realms of politics, science, art, sport, living with illness, poverty, just getting through the day - whatever. We're all different.

In my experience, it depends on where one happens to be born, education, background, family circumstances and a zillion other nebulous things.  I don't think my interest in these most basic of needs for food and shelter should be something to be ashamed of, even though across the world, and even perhaps not so very far away, I am more than aware that not everybody even has a home, nor enough food to eat. 

However, I do absolutely appreciate what I have in living here with a roof over my head and food on my table. I am not an intellectual and I couldn't write about really serious things even if I wanted to, yet I don't think I'm a bad person because of this.

I think my personal need to make a home probably stems from the fact that I 'lost' my family home at a comparatively young age (my mother left us when I was very young, and my father died when I was about 25). Ever since then, I've not only enjoyed, but perhaps even been slightly driven to create a cosy and comfortable living space for myself; a place I can invite friends; a place to call 'home'. I don't have luxurious taste, nor the money to indulge it, even if I had. I like to cook, to eat, to feed and to nourish - myself and others.

Food, shelter, love ... bliss!!

In thinking (and yes, googling!) about this, I came across a short article called Why home is where the heart is by the writer Alain de Botton: "In a house strangled by three motorways ... our optimism and sense of purpose are liable to drain away, like water from a punctured container. We may start to forget that we ever had ambitions or reasons to feel spirited and hopeful", he writes. 

I will always look for reasons to feel spirited and hopeful. My cup is more than half full! And so I will write about interiors and food...and more. Every day brings new things to interest, inspire and challenge.

So, that's that out of the way, for now, at least....and I'm going to get on with my original aims without feelings of lack and guilt. I hope some people will join me for the ride.

End of (slightly) serious it's gonna be back to fluff and wallpaper!!

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