Friday, 31 August 2012

Kitchen questions - open plan or separate room?

Open plan, separate room, sliding doors.... questions, questions. What should it be? Sociable chatting while casually knocking up a delightful dinner or does that mean stinky smells in the living room? What are the pros and cons, and how do I choose?

My new flat has the possibility to be either open to the living room, partially or completely separate. Hmmmpphhhh. What to do? I've always had a separate kitchen, but now's the chance to change that....but do I want to?

Here's the plan of the flat... the red line shows the wall that currently separates the kitchen (K├╝che) - tiny as it is, from the the living room (Zimmer 1). My friend Johann (who's a structural engineer) says I could remove it if I want to. The cooker etc. are not really in the places shown on the plan.  There's a window on the outside wall.

So, my question of the day is: Are you an open plan type, or separate room? What are the pros and cons? Tips for me to think about?

I'm thinking about a compromise - with old fashioned Victorian folding doors that are commonly used in the UK between a dining room and living room, but not so common here in Berlin....The only thing I've found is these double doors which are the right period (Jugendstil) for the flat, but they'd take up most of the whole space, so would probably look a bit odd.... a small kitchen hidden behind these rather grand doors. I think that writing these ideas down is definitely helpful....but I'd really like to hear about other people's experiences.

Promise there'll be some pretty photos soon!


  1. II would love open-plan, I often wish I could watch TV while doing boring kitchen jobs, or when you have guests you can chat while youre cooking.

  2. So nice to get some feedback - ich danke dir ganz herzlich!!! I'm still sitting firmly on the fence.... see today's latest post, but I'm getting into this blogging lark... no idea how long the enthusiasm will last, but enjoying it so far!

  3. We had a semi-open plan, soft-loft for years (that we rent out now). When I bought this place, I definitely wanted to keep all the rooms and I am glad I did. I like the feeling each individual room has...