Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CAD by name and cad by nature

CAD! Computer 'aided' design!! Well, that's what they call it!!! At the moment, the computer isn't really aiding me very much, but I must say that I'm really kind of enjoying trying to translate lines and numbers into beautiful-looking plans and elevations for my interior design course. But it's a tricky wee game to play and I've got sooooo much to learn. I've had some good tuition from my friend Emma, and now I'm on to "learning by doing" as they so love to say here in Germany.

I've left it a while since I last did some of this, so my beautiful plans are not up to professional standards, yet! It takes patience and logic to get things right. I'm aiming for something like this:

Paul Loebe Haus, Berlin.  ©Stefan Braunfels Architekten 

  ...eventually..... But what I've got at the moment, unfortunately, is this:

Something altogether more ugly and mundane, but we can but dream and aim high!

This isn't at all the layout I'll necessarily want in my new kitchen, but just having a look to see what I could potentially fit into this small space....and it's surprisingly (a little) more than I expected.

There'll be more questions about the layout (even if they fall on deaf ears); it's helpful for me (and good practice for my course) to mess about with the programme and get more used to things. Does anyone know Vector Works? The printed version looks very different to the one on the screen.....not sure what I'm doing wrong, apart from 'lots, it seems' ... but need to get used the screen stuff first, I think, then get to grips with printing.

I'm quite proud of myself to have got this far with the basics (it's harder than it looks, honest guv!) .... so more creative ideas about the layout I might want (an island, L-shape, something else altogether), not to mention the door or knock-down-the-wall question, can wait til later. I don't want to lose the impetus to write and post something here regularly.

So, that's it for today, folks.... (or should I say folk - Hi Ola - mwah!!!).


  1. I laughed so hard at the contrast between the two. :D The question is, though, do you really need anything else but what you've made up to now? It works fine, at least everything's clear even for my narrow technical mind. ;). Ah, and I'm all up for seeing the island solution - awaiting the new upcoming project by my favourite interior-designer-to-be! :)

    1. Tee hee....it is a hilarious contrast, isn't it!!! But I think you're right.... I don't have any circular areas, nor expanses of glass.... just one rather tiny kitchen. I've just written something else... with some nice pics (not mine, obviously...I'm totally out of practice) - some island solution possibilities...and thank you so much for your comment, sweetie! I think I just lost another one - will go and search for it.