Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sweet shelves and round tables

I love these shelves, and I'd like something a bit like this in my new kitchen, I think. I don't like it all too fitted; I need a bit of life and mess around me...not too sterile. I fear that I may have a lot more stuff to put on my shelves than here though, as I won't be living in a photo-shoot, but I like this idea, in principle. 

However, thinking about it, maybe this speaks against having it open plan as it might look just a tad too messy if my shelves are full of stuff, nice as it may be. What do you think? 
(I still like the idea of old-fashioned Victorian-style folding doors between the kitchen and living room spaces, so I can remain firmly on the fence for a little longer with rather a lot of splinters up my a*s*!).

From Living etc magazine (not sure of issue date!)

The layout designs of both these kitchens could work in my place, and in the picture below, I like the idea of the kitchen with the workplace and the round table and stylish chairs. I don't want everything to be white though, which might be surprising given the two images I've chosen here. However, I definitely like the idea of the white table and wooden (possibly mismatched) chairs.

From Living etc magazine (not sure of issue date!)

I've also been advised that pretty as they might be, round tables are really rather impractical, but hopefully just going through these thought processes will help me reach some decisions when the time comes. Not to mention that I don't really NEED to buy very much, but I might just treat myself to the odd new item in good time.

I won't have a double height ceiling like the one above... but it is 3.2m high, I think. Fairly standard for Berlin, but I think in England, we might put another flat in between. A lot of people I know had to buy new ladders when they moved to Berlin (even from other parts of Germany) because of the ceiling heights. I don't own a ladder at all yet....but I'll be borrowing one from from one of those friends, I hope (D&F for example!).

So, that's today's little outburst.... I know that when I read blogs, I don't always want to comment and I'm not even sure what an RSS feed is (can anyone tell me in simple terms how it works?), so I'm not really a nerd with much knowledge of the blogosphere, but I would really LOVE to get some comments and feedback....anything at all, but even if I am writing into a void, I think the process is still helpful for me!


  1. RSS is great. Basically if you publish your blog to RSS it means that anyone who is subscribed (really easy to do) will get notified whenever you post something new. I have an app called Pulse. It has a news page, a photography page, a food page, an astronomy page, etc. Each page has 10 subscriptions - eg BBC, CNN, Times Online, etc. Each time I go to the app it searches all of my subscriptions for new content. I can use it to check for new updates from fifty websites without having to visit any of them, and click straight through to any that interest me.

  2. I'll try and do that then... I have one subscriber - YAY - lovely Ola... a flickr friend from way back. Might look into Pulse too...but first things first. Thanks for the info, Julian - always full of wisdom (and chillis!)

  3. As much as I know nothing about design and shit (adding "and shit" at the end of a sentence can make anything sound thug, right? :D), the round table idea seems pretty cool to me. As much as the typical ones might be impractical indeed, the foldable ones are extremely practical, gaining you loads of space, both physically and visually. I'd love to have my own flat to tinker with -- having none, I'll focus on giving you seemingly wise pieces of advice ;-). Big hug, dear!

  4. OMG - Julian's app sounds like TMI to me...nice shelves, might put a spiral staircase in your kitchen to get to the top shelves?