Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fashion Hero - Annika Graalfs

I'm feeling rather sheepish about having been away from my blog for sooooo long, but here I am again.

I wanted to share some photos and tell you about my friend Annika Graalfs who I've been working with in the last few weeks.

And here she is! And today's the day that she's gonna be on TV appearing in Fashion Hero, tonight at 20.15 on ProSieben (Germany only!). One of the mentors is Claudia Schiffer, who knows a bit about fashion. There are 21 of Germany's best young designers who've been selected and each week they are given a brief and a very short amount of time to design, source and produce it (they do get some assistance too). They are each assigned a mentor. Three of the big fashion sellers bid for the designs, to be produced and sold in their shops (Karstadt, S. Oliver & ASOS). A great opportunity for the designers to make contacts, network, see and be seen. Should be fun, fashion and with a bit of drama thrown in for good measure, no doubt. Get the snacks in and settle down on the sofa.

Fashion designer Annika Graalfs Photo: © Francesca Bondy 

Annika's style is rockabilly with lots of fifties influences ... like this 'cheetah dress'.

Cheetah dress © Annika Graalfs (Photo: © Francesca Bondy)

She hasn't put all her eggs in one basket....she's also a musician and singer with a voice that comes from the very bottom of her cowboy boots.

Multi-talent Annika aka Annie Atomic also plays  and sings in a band - belting out 'toons' to
wake you right up and get you movin' (Photo: © Francesca Bondy)

 Nice arse! Available in various's or women's, black, blue, 'pure' etc. Heavy denim - and have left legs undamaged even after a motorbike accident (don't try this at home folks!)

Annika's famous ACE jeans by Dress-O-Rama sold in 8 countries © Annika Graalfs (Photo: © Francesca Bondy)

Dress © Annika Graalfs (Photo: © Francesca Bondy)

Sailor top and trousers © Annika Graalfs
(Photo: © Francesca Bondy)

So, after the shameless plug.... tune in tonight if you have time, and check it and her out. Should be full of fun, beautiful clothes and interesting people.... I can't wait.

Fashion Hero. ProSieben. 20.15 from 9. October.
Annika's new website and online shop should be ready today (but it isn't quite ready yet!) thanks to Eileen Fruehauf and Lars and Alex from Ghostarmy.

More photos on my flickr page.


  1. Actually we remembered tooo late...and there was just a boy designer and a woman who wasn't Annika. great plug, though, and fab pictures.

    1. Well, actually they changed it and she wasn't on this week anyway, so no matter. Unless something goes horribly wrong, she'll be on next week instead!

  2. Great photos, Cesky. LOVE the portrait with that tattoos. Gx

  3. Wow Cesca, I'm in love with her designs! I'll add some to my (endless ;)) wish list on pinterest straight away!

    I've been checking your blog before but somehow my attempts to leave a comment failed... I love your kitchen redo and would love to see more of your home soon. Hope you're having a very good time in your new apartment!