Monday, 3 March 2014

After and before... kitchen

Decided to revive my blog, after a long, long time and just use it mainly for ideas and things I like, but to start with, here's the after and before of my kitchen.

After - all lived in, and realise I have to sort out those shelves above the tv!

During the makeover! Ridiculously small, but tall room, wall knocked down!

Before.... yuck!


  1. Welcome back! Your kitchen looks lovely. The pattern really works!

    PS: I've subscribed to your other blog too! x

    1. :-) Thanks Adelle....shame it's the size of a postage stamp, and the height of the Empire State building....hmm....probably need to put a lot of shelves up high with all my rarely used crockery (currently under my bed!!!) on x

  2. Simply gorgeous!...I love what you have done with your kitchen.