Monday, 25 March 2013

Kitchen happy!

It's not 100% finished yet...ran out of time on Saturday, and no drilling allowed on Sundays here, so the fantastic M is coming back during the week to put the cabinets up.

It looks very bare, obviously, cos nothing in it yet... (and washing machine and fridge not coming til later) that will soon change when I move in, but as I've been doing an annoying countdown on the blog, I thought I should share a picture of it (very nearly) finished.

I was very unsure if the 'island' thing would work in reality, though I knew I wanted it and hoped it would look and feel okay once it was actually in, and I thought it was a clever use of space. And I really like it. The kitchen, as you can see, is tiny (yet enormously tall... should have turned it on its side, perhaps?), but I am really happy with it.

Yippee... almost finished, just the wall cabinets to go, and then all my 'stuff' to be added to make it look lived in

Whaddya think?

Oh and here's before:

Just a few dozen more things to do, but now, finally, feeling positive that I can move in and be happy here.


  1. What a fabulous kitchen! looking forward to your cooking posts..

    1. Yes, there'll be no excuses (except my hips!) - cook, cook, cookability, that's the beauty of gas! (Do you remember that ad)?

  2. I LOVE the wallpaper! It looks even better than I imagined!