Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wallpaper up....sneak kitchen preview

Yay...things could only get better! Went over on Friday night to see if the kitchen really would be ready for installation on Saturday at 8am! And, woo-hoo! The wallpaper is up, and it looks fantastic (I think so anyway).

Wallpaper by Catalina Estrada

I love it. It's called Daisy Red, by Catalina Estrada, a Colombian artist, and I got it for half the price by getting it imported from Spain rather than buying it in Germany. Just one little roll! Check out Bloom Papers. It's so hard to imagine what things will really look like when they happen, but this is one decision I'm really happy with.

The kitchen is very nearly finished....just a few things for M to do today, and then he's coming back later in the week to hang the last cabinets on the wall (it's not allowed to drill here on a Sunday, and as he said, I don't want to irk or upset my neighbours any more before I even move in!).

More photos to follow.

So once again....YAY!!


  1. Oh Cesca,

    It's all finally coming together - the wallpaper looks fab!

    How very civilised that you're not allowed to do any noisy DIY on a Sunday - I've lost count of the numbers of weekends that I've been awoken by banging/drilling/sanding/lawn-mowing!

    1. Thanks, Adelle... yes, it's finally turning the corner... still plenty to do, but it's slowly beginning to look like my place now, rather than just any other flat. Enjoy the rest of your (hopefully peaceful) Sunday... I was at the DIY shop twice yesterday, and it seems that LOADS of people decided to buy earth for their window boxes - but it's Minus 10!!!!I put it down to the official start of spring and wishful thinking.