Saturday, 9 March 2013

We have floor!!!! And wall!

Big news! (for me anyway)....finally, after months, several months, I have the new floor tiles in the kitchen (okay, there's no grout, yet)... but, I have floor! And I have a whole wall on the right hand side, where there has been none for ages.

So...just a very quick post...including a photo of my mini-kitchen. I'm quite excited that I'll be able to cook with gas again soon....just need to remember to switch it off when I've finished cooking.

By the way, has anyone else experienced the way that rooms look (even) smaller with nothing in them? Strange, but true... I think so anyway.

Can't imagine that in a couple of weeks, this room will have cabinets, and a cooker, dishwasher, sink, and all that jazz.

Kitchen with floor, wall and possible wall only

And below is a close-up of the wallpaper. Just thinking of doing the back wall. There'll be white cabinets below, some white tiles above that, and some vintage-y cabinets - one of them is this one. I love the paper, but not sure if it's too much....but don't want just a white kitchen, and think this one is quite me (I've bought it already...just one roll, which will be just enough for the back wall).

So, this is the wallpaper (by Caterine Estrada)
Any comments welcome.

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